Monday, 10 August 2015

Minima-d ( feat Wanderer )

18839313708_162bdd59b2_o 18404352354_e3820633aa_o 19021430852_1efc8d150f_o-2Untitled-1 19091674005_d4014b1ee0_o Zara shirt / Coexist Lightweight Coat & Brevity Pearl earrings c/o Wanderer / Nike Roshe / Raybans sunglasses / Daniel Wellington watch

Photos by Amalina A.

They say black and white is the most colourful thing in the world cause it contains all colours and at the same time, it excludes all. Well, you may call me a sucker for black and white over ( a.k.a boringggg colors to many - oh get over it already ) and over again and I wouldn't care. I refuse to not abuse my preferences. Here's the thing about us minimalists that people don't seem to understand. We are fond of details, up to the littlest bit. We don't see a plain black or white apparel as just that. We see a pocket detail and we go "Oh that's interesting!", we see a little buckle at the side and we go "Wow, that's neat", a different coloured seam as something different, "I gotta have that" ( in this case, just like that coat I'm wearing ) and pants and dresses that comes with pockets as a pre-requisite of our apparel's acceptance. Just like how the #teamcolours people that love to deck themselves in streaks of rainbows, that's how we see these details. In simpler terms, we're just more into the details than just colors just as how you're just much more into colours than the slightest details deemed insignificant to you so... don't go "Why are you always in mono colours? B-O-R-I-N-G" without giving it a thought. It hurts.

Just kidding. Moreover, minimalism doesn't equate to black and white either. I have colours in my wardrobe and I do wear them too, however rare that is. I still need colours at times - Like denim, it's blue! You may take a look at my Raya 2015 outfits too, I was, a vomit of colours. See, I'm not too bad.


Another online shopping outlet for the minimalists maybe? ( Totes ) Pretty packaging aside , Wanderer has an exquisite taste in curating beautiful small-scale home furnishings too. Like that incredible marble decal ( that already comes with the apple cut-out! ) which i've been looking for like a gazillion years in patience timing. Head over now to check out their other pretty amazing stuff and join their mailing list to enjoy 10% off your purchase. Also, thanks to all that participated in the mini giveaway I had over at my IG last two weeks and congratulations to the lucky one that won!

The jubilee weekend maybe over but look on the bright side, it's just 3 days away to the weekend again.
Stay positive, lovely ones!


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  3. I like the wanderer bag. It suits me well. Can I have one :p