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Keep Calm & Slap it On ( feat Origins x Luxola )

Caution! Here's going to be me lamenting about my not-so-perfect skin and regrets of my unthoughtful acts of starting to put on make-up in my late teenage years ( yes still too early ) when my sister clearly advised me not to. Alike every other girl's problems. 
( Oh, how boring. NO, stay there. ) 

Despite my endless concerns about my active hotspot T-zone area while on the other hand, having many of my friends claiming that I've close to 0 problems about my facial skin, I have to admit that skincare wasn't truly the first automatic pop-up solution I reckoned. Reason being is because a doctor once told me that my skin works best with neutralisers, like water, after a beastly break-out I had after using a certain facial product back in my teenage years. Then i thought, alright facial products, I have 99 problems and you, won't be one.

However, as I am about to reach an age of a quarter of a century ( cue old *coughs* ), the women in my household have been stressing out to me about the importance of skin care though I started out finding the matter trivial. Slowly getting used to smacking powdery/creamy/magic stuff on my face that the Queen mother invests in for herself ( she doesn't mind her favourite daughter leeching in the name of experimenting ) and I've also been trying out different products. Just in time, I was contacted by the Luxola team to be part of an exclusive campaign in collaboration with Origins to try out three face masks of Origins. Couldn't say no to that. Yeah, a fairy godmother indeed. YAY. Excited's definitely an understatement of a word to describe my expression when I received these three goodness a few weeks back. That's right, this is actually my first time accepting an offer to do a review about beauty products of a brand.


Here's why.
& if you haven't heard of Origins, here's why you should :
1. Only potent plants, organic ingredients and 100% natural essential oils used
2. No harmful ingredients used ( e.g parabens, paraffins etc. )
3. No animal ingredients ( I totally approve this )
4. One of their committed promises is to protect the Earth ( As a former Geography enthusiast, I'm a 100% supporter )

I find it great that Origins is testified to be supportive of nature. I knew I'd definitely give this brand a try, knowing that my skin is sensitive to all sorts of chemicals in facial products. Tried on them for a few weeks now, and I hereby proudly present to you my reviews on each product.

( left to right )

1. Drink Up™ Intensive Overnight Mask
My heart beats for its divine smell that puts me to a good sleep of sublime dreams.
If I could, I'd wear it every night. Decided to be a rebel of the suggested application routine and submit to my desire ( written 'twice a week or as desired' ) the first time round and once wore it for 5 days straight and out popped a pimple. Pimples sure has a great way of teaching me a lesson. It's probably due to the fact that my sensitive skin had too much of it ( read 'intensive' ) and as said many times, your skin needs to 'breathe', of which I unwillingly had to let go of this mask for the next couple of days. The week after, I wore it twice a week and I could really feel the revivifying glow that comes almost naturally, without the ordeal of dealing with any pimples. My skin feels fresher, moisturised and somewhat smoother the next morning every time I use it. 
I guess it works with the correct amount needed.

P.S So please listen to instructions and don't feed that need of being an unintended divergent , like I always do, ha!

I put this on in the morning, on the days that I didn't use the intensive overnight mask the night before. It works pretty well for me so far as a balance of both. It has a consistency and liquidity of a gel and leaves a sheen behind, making your skin look and feel refreshed and energized and less dull in the morning, before you put your make-up on. No such greetings of pimples so far so I guess I'm putting it on in correct amounts and acceptable for my skin. It smells as refreshing as oranges and somehow lightens up my morning mood ( which is inevitably moody most of the times ; this person's an owl in human form ) and helps me feel more energised than usual.

3. Clear Improvement® Charcoal Mask
" The Active charcoal acts like magnet to draw out deep dwelling pore-cloggers.
White China Clay absorbs environmental toxins.
Lecithin dissolves impurities."

What I would call pure black magical stuff. ( No black magic at all )
Even though its smell isn't really the nicest thing to sniff - cause it's a mixture of charcoal and clay - it truly does wonders. Things to note though, it may feel a little uncomfortable with all that black gunk on your face with a teeny bit of tingling sensation and stiffness at first, but you'll get used to it.
I have huge pores and black heads that are incredibly difficult to get rid off on my nose ( tried many black heads remover products and I only got a pimple or two at that spot as gifts ) especially and 'm truly amazed how quick the results are. Somehow, my pores got smaller? I don't even know if that's possible at first, but it happened. So did the disappearance of my black heads! I only used it once a week ( as suggested ) so far because its effects and results are quite instant and I honestly think that it's sufficient for my skin. Probably my favourite mask that gives me concrete and obvious results in a short period of time! I'm still truly amazed to this date.


Here's a 15% discount code for my lovely readers to enjoy 15% off all first time orders "BLX-MASTURAHK" that will be valid till the end of August. However, the offer isn't valid on non-discountable brands ( listed here ) and unfortunately, Origins is one of them. Well, don't fret cause Luxola offers a wide variety of beauty products and there's something special for those who would like to try out or are already using and planning to buy the above-mentioned Origins products.

Do make sure to check out the little treats Luxola x Origins are offering for this month ( July ) :
1.  Buy 1 Origins mask to get: Dr. Weil Mega-Bright Skin illuminating Cleanser 30ml (worth $13)
2.  Buy 2 Origins  masks to get: GinZing Moisturizer 15ml & Modern Friction™ 15ml (worth $26)

Go on now and try these tubes of awesomeness for yourself. 
No regrets!

( & A huge thank you to the Luxola team for letting me try out Origin products because I'm completely sold. )

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