Monday, 6 July 2015

Double The Bells Ringing ( feat Dorothy Perkins x Zalora )

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Zara blouse / H&M choker / Indigo Statement Flare Jeans c/o Dorothy Perkins via Zalora / ASOS boots / Raybans sunglasses
photos by Fatiha F.

Bell sleeved and bell bottomed. Can't ring any more bells than these or I'd be labelled a bell nut. Not that I'm complaining.
( Wouldn't mind though )

If anything, I've the utmost tendency to curate every thing i love in a single get-up. It's like BAM here's every thing I love on me ; Side lace-ups, Bell sleeves, bell bottom jeans, boots without the fur, V-neck, clean bucket bag, faux leather choker, trusty sunnies. There you go, I've pretty much summed up my recent style obsessions.

Here's a secret. Maybe not after you read this.
I've been trying my best to style myself unostentatiously ( as much as I could ). Slowly learning from all my close friends who have gained a best friend ( that comes in many different designs and colours ) they can't live and leave without. Hopefully, it won't only stop after this beautiful Ramadan is over. Could slowly feel its effect dawning all over me. From stocking up future-friendly apparels ( if you get what i mean ) to feeling uncomfortable in short skirts and getting rid all of my skin revealing bottoms one by one. Yes, bottoms first, maybe a few dresses too, baby steps. Won't be much to you but it is indeed to me. Keep me in your prayers, will ya?

 All's good for now, and that's why you and I are friends.
Last ten days are the most significant and special ones. Hoping I'll catch that special day where wishes come true, and I hope you do too!
God bless.


  1. Best of luck Massy! Will always keep you in my prayers. Slowly but surely. Love you. <3

    1. Thank you my dear, so incredibly touched! Love you too <3