Sunday, 10 May 2015

Embracing Change ( feat Aere )

IMG_9599 copyIMG_9596
Salvia Faux Leather Trimmed Blazer & Aster Faux Leather Trimmed Pants c/o Aere via FashionValet / H&M hat / Adidas superstar sneakers / Michael Kors mini crossbody bag
Photos by Liyana A.

Why hello again. After an extremely long hiatus, that is!
Lost faith in blogging halfway but then somehow I missed it so it got restored so here am I back, again. Some of you may have realised on Instagram, that I've changed my blog name from Fashionthefoster to well, my own name. I figured that FTF wasn't a name I'd like to stick with my entire life ( as I age ), therefore, MK! Changed to an entirely new account ( meaning I'm starting back from 0 ) and got this space revamped as well to match my current style and aesthetics after a few months of getting myself rediscovered and settled for.

I'm glad that it's officially up and running and am beyond excited to continue sharing my train of thoughts and new experiences with all of you. I hope you guys will enjoy this space too and here's to new adventures!

P.S Loving all the sophisticated pieces designed by dear Nadia Sabrina, they're all nothing short of exquisite. Suit with sneakers, well why not?

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