Sunday, 16 November 2014

Modern Hepburn ( feat Jaide )

Dress c/o Jaide / Zara heels
Hello, anyone there? Does anyone still read the old-fashioned Instagram/Dayre anymore? Well, if it's a no, then it's understood. Gotta admit, I'm a pledged 'victim' of that too. Hence, the lack of posts.
 However, I figured that I'd still want to continue blogging despite all of that. I'd keep, make and cherish this space as a personal documentary of my evolving style ( and some personal life digression of which you may or may not be interested ) from year to year. Therefore, I'll do this for my future self - to laugh at and to be proud of. Still a few things that I wish for in this whole blogging scene. A computerized version of VSCOCam, that is. HOW GREAT WOULD THAT BE. Forget Photoshop, my life is with VSCO. 
So, anyway, back to the point of this outfit. Take the fabulous Audrey, minus the gloves, the hair bun, the cigarette stick, necklace pearls + 2 on a finger plus, and you'll make yourself a well-dressed Modern Simplified Hepburn. Don't forget to act like a lady though.
Love how this dress effortlessly creates the classy vibe with its V-neck back and a huge bow which is right smack at the front. Like Heidi Klum, I am all for the sexy-backs ( for apparels that is and not the "All About That Bass" rave ) and unique back detailing.
A big thank you to Jaide for this brilliant dress that I'd see myself wearing many times. Time for you to check them out!
November has been a terribly busy yet exciting for me and I hope it has been for you too.
To my lovely readers who actually bother to read up my random rambling up till here ( or even bother to be on this space at all ), thank you. So much. Confetti of flying kisses and love for ya!
Photos by Amalina A.

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