Saturday, 5 April 2014

Make Me Blush

Zara suit pants & blazer & bag / Bysi blouse / The Quiet Riot necklace / ASOS heels

My current colour crush is definitely blush ( pink ).

Why hello there, I'm back again from my unheralded hiatus! Not for long unfortunately. Time of the year again, where sucky exams are chasing after me endlessly.

First things first, don't call me lunatic for being decked in a suit despite the recent searing weather. These were quite some time back when the weather was merciful of its mood. Now you see how much I've procrastinated on this post.

Here you go, another round of attempt of breaking out of my monochromatic hues - which some may deem dull - and I succeeded. Here's me in another colour which I find extremely fascinating. Kinda just dawned on me that I've never really tried on the neutral palette on myself until recently. Tried it once and I'm sold. Besides, a tinge of gold on a taupe pair looks ravishing.

 Yup, I love them suits. I'd collect them in all colours if I could.
Toodles for now, I have to scurry back to my hole of overloaded information.
Cherish your last few hours of the weekends darlings!

Photos by Nazri S.

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