Sunday, 9 March 2014

Green Without Envy

ASOS top / Emerald green midi skirt / Bag & Earrings from BKK / Charles & Keith sandals / Ray Bans sunglasses

My undying love for emerald green will now be further proclaimed in this set of photos and I bet it'll come in a form of a perpetual series soon. Overflowing ideas on pairing this lovely skirt with different tops and shoes and accessories - and the list goes on - is pretty overwhelming in my styling mind palace.

Midi is obviously my favourite length for skirts as of late. Let's generate a simple equation here; the more 'pouffy' it is, the more I'll get attached to it. Agreed? Rhetorical, YES. For me, at least.
 Sure feels great to be roaming around this blazing island, with the recent killer weather, - scorching, sizzling, sweltering - in sandals and a cuppa cold coffee frappe. With colours that coincidentally complements my outfit, why not take pictures with it? I could just be the new ambassador of Starbucks. Ha ha, i kid, bad joke.

Brown grass and plants and lack of rainfall are seemingly portraying mild drought.
Drink lotsa water and keep yourself hydrated, people!

P.S  I think age has pretty much caught up with me because I've guaranteed on the fact that sandals and flat shoes are now my best feet pals.


Photos by Nazri S.

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