Friday, 21 February 2014

Black Swan

  H&M top / Tulle skirt, scarf & earrings from BKK / Zara heels
I'd like to believe that every girl ( maybe almost ), have dreamed of being a ballerina at least once in their lifetime. Be it a dream for themselves or their daughters. I'm without a doubt, one of them, no matter how boyish I was when I was little, according to my Queen mother - preferring blue instead of pink, Kira ( Barbie's friend in a blue dress ) instead of Barbie, and all that stuff. Society's standards, you know what I mean.
I've been looking for a perfect tulle midi tulle skirt and you wouldn't know how euphoric I was when I saw this darling at BKK! That place, is like a dream walk-in wardrobe of all sorts. I need to go back there, pronto.
Believe it or not, these were all taken with my trusty iPhone5! Silly, forgetful, absent-minded me, only realised that I didn't bring my camera along when we reached the place. Thank God for the brilliant golden hour that never fails to capture radiance in every photograph up to its very pixel. Of course, with the help of my dearest photographer. It always works.
Photos by Nazri S.
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