Thursday, 2 January 2014

Travel Diary : City of Smiles

IMG_5594 Hola! Inappropriate or not, I'll start off with the first post of 2014, with my first travel diary post on this space.. which took place last year. ( Wow, it sure sounds like a long time ago when it's just 2 weeks back ha! )
This post has been left stagnant as a draft with only with all the pictures uploaded in chronological order, without words which may also deem as meaningless to me.
So here we go.

I finally got to travel and do some major MAJOR shopping and binging which kinda left me broke but so incredibly happy. Bangkok, it is! I was truly on cloud nine the whole time I was there cause all my best friends and I did was eat, shop and sleep. Literally. Oh yes, foot massage every single day after we shopped was sublime.

Honestly, I didn't take as many photos as I was expecting myself to because I was too busy relishing the moment that I found it a hassle to carry the camera even. I am fully aware that BKK is probably one of the most visited countries by Singaporeans and that you've probably seen many blogs with BKK guides on where to go or whatsoever but well, I'm still going to proceed with my own rendition of it. Enjoy!

This was the view from my hotel room. My friends and I stayed at Baiyoke Suite Hotel. The room was really spacious. Breakfast served was pretty satisfying. These heart-shaped waffles, infinitely divine. I had them for 5 days straight during my stay there. The best part of that hotel - It's close to the Platinum Mall and it's exactly where the Pratunam market is. You can start shopping as early as 7am right as you step out of the hotel, all the way up to the Platinum Mall! Ahh, such a bummer that I don't have pictures of the Pratunam market to share.

Before I start spamming a whole lot of pictures, it's my self-proclaimed duty to tell you that if you ever see these pomegranate drinks on the streets ( orange lime too ), you must try it. M-U-S-T. 

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Places to shop at

1. Platinum Market 
Money just flies there, I swear. Spent the whole day at the mall and I swear it wasn't enough. 
If you're a clothes & accessories hoarder like moi, that's the heavenly place for you.

2. Chatuchak Market ( Fridays - Sundays )
Unfortunately, only got to visit there on Sunday and only a day there is definitely of no satisfaction.
 Thousands of shops to shop at under the heat. Yes, the heat. Wear light clothing there.

3. Union Mall
 Great place to shop at, only prices are a little steeper. However, stuff there are pretty and mostly exclusive. Whatever you like, just grab it.

4. Chinatown
Dirt cheap accessories can be found there. Not much of a place to shop for me but more of sight-seeing. Pretty much an eye-opener for me seeing people who are not as fortunate as us still looking like they're appreciative of life.

5. Siam Square 
Here's the mall where the higher end brands are. 'Innit' is also located there. Still regretted not buying a piece of their dainty trademark top there since it's  a little expensive and I was saving my last few bucks for Platinum Mall, still. Oh, do try out the desserts at Greyhound cafe. Especially the red velvet waffles! So divine.

Halal food
Definitely something not be worrisome about. There's quite a handful of halal restaurants there. Near the Baiyoke hotel, there's a lane of Indian food restaurants and the food was ACE. 
KFC is also A-okay certified. Even more delectable than Singapore's, no kidding.

One more thing you should try is definitely riding the tuktuk. Adrenaline rush satisfaction!


On the last day, I got to witness their protest on the roads. It was quite a wonderful sight, not much of a scene, a peaceful protest and thank God for that.
These Squarish ( Active instagramer alert ) pictures are shots from my trusty iPhone5.
Wished I had taken more photos of this fascinating country but I was too swayed by its beauty and the myriads of things and moments it had to offer at that time. People there are generally pleasant,  and aren't grumpy like the ones we see in our little island, sadly. Even though you can tell how much of a simple life most of them lead, positivity seems to breed every where. I don't know, you can just feel it.

Other than being a shopaholic's heaven, it is too a foodie's. Will definitely come back should I need a major shopping spree therapy and venture other places there. Cheers to my first travel series in this blog, I'll be striving for more. Hoping to visit another country this year with my best friends again.
Also, Happy New Year to all you lovely readers!

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