Thursday, 16 January 2014

Suit Yourself

IMG_5961IMG_5974Untitled-5IMG_5964Zara Suit pants and blazer and heels / H&M top / Celine mirco bag / Necklace & earrings from Bangkok

 First and foremost, I apologize for the sudden abandonment of this space. I've been getting quite uninspired as of late trying to achieve goals of other aspects in life, and till i graduate with a degree, school will always be in the way. Here's a short post. I hope you haven't lost faith in here!

Decked fully in magenta hues, here's me in my favourite suit of all time. I've always adored women in suits and I've to thank my all-time fashion idol, Miroslava Duma, for inspiring me big time to make me hop into one ( and collecting more ). It'll make you feel empowered as a woman, I kid you not.

When in doubt, suit-up!

Photos by Fatiha F.

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