Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Mod Rock

IMG_6088IMG_6069IMG_6019IMG_6051Untitled-2uyIMG_6032IMG_6029FBysi top & skirt / F21 Blazer / Zara boots & bag / Earrings from BKK
  Should you ever browse through the archives of my blog posts, you'd realise how I used to wear so many colours. In all honestly, even I, wondered what happened. It was a mere coincidence that I found this art piece of a black & white band set-up at the place I was planning on taking my outfit shots. Guess it was meant to be. Even funnier that I looked as if I'm part of the exhibition when I stood there. 
Here's me fooling around with the set. Admit it, every one once dream of being a rockstar somehow or rather. I, for once, and final, evidently, unquestionably, incontestably, don't cut out to be one. Poser, whatever.
Prior to my 'rock-o'n hand sign, have a smashing Chinese new year to all my lovely Chinese friends and readers!
Photos by Nazri S.

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