Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Colours

Zara blazer & heels / Celine micro bag

By coincidence, I actually do resemble a Christmas tree, without the sparkling glitter and gold.
My colour pick for tartan would definitely be in the hues of navy blue and green. Emerald / forest green, to be precise. Just something about that classy colour that captives me.
The top, pants and pretty pair of earrings are some of my favourite haul from Bangkok. Needless to say, most of my shopping expenditure was mainly on midi skirts and suits / sets and accessories. Major LOVE. I'll be selling some of them so keep a look out for my mini shop coming up soon, should time permit!

 In the mean time, I'll be hopeful in preparing my next post about my short recent trip which left me to an optimum satisfaction. Time seems to be flying by too fast these days.
Merry Christmas to every one celebrating it and Happy Holidays lovely ones!

Photos by Nazri S.

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