Thursday, 24 October 2013

Vermillion Red

  Meet my new friend, Céline! She's a Micro in Vermillion Red.
Just a post of appreciation for this beauty. My Dear N. got it for me as a birthday gift.
Thanks again huns!
Got a shock when he told me that he had a surprise for me ( which I actually concluded it wouldn't be a surprise since he alrdy told me about the surprise if you get me ) and made me walk through Taka and... stopped in front of a Céline store.
However,  we didn't get it on the spot since there wasn't any design that I was attracted to. I spent weeks ( stressed out ) over a size / colour to choose and finally settled for this one ; My first choice of colour for my first Céline bag. Have always loved Céline for its perfection in minimalism and sophistication.

Ahh, my dear Micro Vermillion, we shall create endless possibilities of fashionable memories together.
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