Friday, 4 October 2013

The Next Step of Us

Alright now, thank God that I finally have ample time to do this post!
 As you all know, 07 September 2013 marks a special day for me, for him, for Us.
That's 2 days after my birthday and another round of celebration for me.
Well, the words on the picture above-mentioned would be pretty self-explanatory.
Blue affair!

IMG_4210IMG_4198gfgsf My ultimately extravagant and delicious cake and cupcakes made by my very own cake artist, also my best friend too, Malaque! You can order your birthday / engagement / wedding / just-for-fun cakes from her too if you'd like.

IMG_4250Swear my heart was beating fast, as if at the rate of lightning, the moment he came into the room.
( Sorry for the extremely distracting drawer. One of the handles came off at the wrong timing. LOL! )

IMG_4270IMG_4289IMG_4262My very beautiful and important girlfriends! Feelin' the Love.

My Barbies & Kens!

IMG_4376IMG_4191IMG_4267IMG_4319IMG_4316My lovely best friends who I really cannot live without. 10 years and to infinity, I promise.

Here's to my and his wonderful family who made it all happen smoothly.
I must say, I felt overwhelmed with gratitude and love on that day itself.
A ginormous thank you to every one who took the effort to wear blue / white ( REALLY touched by this alone ), my family and relatives who cooked many different mouth-watering dishes and some who traveled all the way from the West and North to my humble house for my humble and simple yet fulfilling engagement day. We're keeping the fancy part for The big day. Hehe

Last but not least, thank you to my Dear N.
Hey you, it's been a great journey with you.
Here's to many more adventures to come.
Thank you for loving me.
Through the good and the bad and the ugly.
IMG_4350 -
Photos by Khairul A.

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