Monday, 2 September 2013

Calendar Girl

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 photo IMG_2174_zpse8cc1b0c.jpg photo 50b173b4-7541-4333-b5e4-7abfc3ddd6af_zps0f089af9.jpg

Just a random update of the random moments and visuals caught on camera for the past few months up till July that didn't quite make it as a post, either due to procrastination or the pictures not being up to certain criteria based on my judgement ; They say Virgos are analytical beings. Pun totally intended. Pretty excited for this lovely month of September. Favourite time of the year, every year. No prize for guessing why cause it's pretty obvious hehe.

Also, this September, marks an exceptionally significant stage of my life because not only I'm turning a year older, a very special moment will soon take place, a moment which I'll definitely hold dearly and closely to my heart. This upcoming week and next ( The Marquette Flea coming to you guys soon! ) especially, I doubt I'll be able to conceal my mirth. My blog's gonna go for a revamp soon too so do keep a lookout! Despite being thoroughly busy running errands, I certainly look forward to this month and I hope you are too. New adventures, new experience, new challenges. Change is good sometimes.
Cheers to a rocking September ahead, lovely ones!

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