Wednesday, 3 July 2013

One-piece Wonder

 photo 97985d7a-e9e2-445c-b735-554e1e16f5b4_zps93e74a0a.jpg
 photo ba16e783-276b-418e-948c-500e36cafb58_zps1ecd3705.jpg
Mango jumpsuit & blazer & anchor shawl / ASOS sandals / H&M earrings / Zara mini shopper bag

Just a short update. As most of you would have known, GFC will be closing soon. I don't really know when exactly cause they mentioned that it'll be tentatively on 1st of July but I don't really see any difference. Thus, should it close abruptly, keep calm. You can still keep up with your favourite reads via bloglovin' which I think really comes handy. You can follow me over there too if you'd like.

Just too casual an outfit for this post. Jumpsuits are the best timeless one-piece you can rely on for an effortless look. Such a wonder, it is. If it's too simple, accessories would make the cut. Also, I think I've been carrying out my favourite white Zara bag too often huh? I think it's time I should really invest on another pretty white 'Doraemon' bag - the kind of bag which you can throw your whole world into.

Photos by Nurjihan D.

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