Friday, 12 July 2013

Of Inticate Patterns & Details

 photo IMG_3116_zps2fba9886.jpg photo IMG_3131_zps62deb03f.jpg photo IMG_3147_zps0e274b15.jpg photo IMG_3159_zps0f90eeeb.jpg photo jhjuygud_zps5a2ce509.jpg
Wisteriea top / Forever 21 pants / ASOS heels & clutch / H&M earrings / Rayban sunglasses

Just a random outfit I picked out in a hurry from my wardrobe and honestly a random pretty place my dear N. brought me to for an outfit shot. Lovin' my top to bits right down to its smallest intricate details, I think I've over worn it and its possibilities to mix and match it with other skirts and pants is endless. Bought it from one of my favourite local online stores called Wisteriea, which I really adore besides The Scarlet Room. I love local online stores that don't sell similar overly common pieces as other stores and has its own exclusivity and Wisteriea definitely owns it!

After long revamping my sales page ( which didn't happen in the end ), I decided to create another website just to sell my pre-loved items. Prices are extremely deducted because I wanna clear it fast.
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P.S For future reference, my sales page is under tab 'VII'.

Photos by Nazri S.

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