Friday, 5 July 2013

First Eleven

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Judging from my previous outfit posts, it's pretty evident that in due time, I'll dedicate a special post to my Jeffrey Campbell babies. Long story short ; my interest in these out-of-the-world shoes started around last year and it became quite an uncontainable obsession which got me all these 11 babies within a span of around 6-7 months. I seriously have zilch idea how this happened. Mostly though, thanks to Solestruck - where I got most of 'em fascinating shoes from, at such great deals.

Halt. My favourite pair of all time? Definitely the JC x Wildfox Lonestar platforms which I purchased from Revolve Clothing. Even my cat loves it, you see.

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Unfortunately, after being too fast and too furious and too serious too soon, my obsession for Jeffrey Campbell shoes kinda umm, died off. I guess it's the age and thus my style continues to undergo some form of evolution? I really don't know BUT that doesn't mean my love for my JC babies has ceased.

That's exactly why this post is here. I made a video to share with all you lovely readers about them. Made it last month but never got the time to upload it to YouTube but here it is!
Pardon for the lack of quality of the video. Always wanted to create a video for this space so I was just testing out, using my goodie old iPhone5 and an application to edit it. An entertaining kinda therapeutic feeling, I must say. With that, I hope you enjoy the video and I'm certainly looking forward to making more in the future!

( Spot me moon-walking on my crazy JC Rocksprings at the end haha )
Galaxy leggings from ASOS

P.S Alexandar Wang shoes, I've fallen madly in love with you.

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