Tuesday, 25 June 2013

StyleXStyle Asia Style Collection 2013

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Some of you might have known, that last Saturday, StyleXStyle hosted a fashion cum music extravaganza concert which includes celebrities and a taste of fashion from Singapore, Japan and Korea. I really enjoyed myself that night, thanks to Terence of StyleXStyle for sponsoring me a ticket that night. Plus points, Fourth row from the front, right smack in front of the stage area. Couldn't be more thankful for that!

Image vomit below, I'll warn you first. Here are just some of my favourite apparels from the runway. 90% of my favourite ones are brands from Korea of course.

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The Korean runway, to me, outshines the rest because it's more interesting and there's a surprise element for each brand that they were showcasing. Some were bright and playful and colourful and includes their Kpop signature as well, while the others were professionally minimal and sleek, simple yet magnificent.

Tony Moly from Korea is my ultimate favourite. No prize for guessing why. Obvious enough right? Cause it's all white and minimal!

 photo IMG_2632_zpsc7986443.jpg photo IMG_2633_zps4f7e476b.jpg photo IMG_2642_zpsf6715ebe.jpg

My second choice would be DINT. Such a fresh and classy and sophisticated style they own.
I'd totally wear all of them out.

 photo IMG_2670_zps4ad284da.jpg photo IMG_2672_zps346da3ad.jpg photo IMG_2673_zps8e1255c5.jpg photo IMG_2675_zps36fb2da7.jpg photo IMG_2679_zps828fd71a.jpg

I am still in disbelief that I got to see Korea's SNSD and 2 freaking NE1! Here's a little secret I'd finally expose myself - I listen to Kpop songs at times. Don't worry, this obsession is mild, or not really an obsession I'd say. Okay, I just love 2NE1. It started off when I was back in Junior College, thanks to my friends. You don't even have a clue about this right? Alright, I guess I finally unleashed the Kpop side of me. Don't judge, hehe.

Here's my all-time girl crush from 2NE1 ; Minzy.
Still addicted to this ( click ) song from them. My sister and I also memorized their dance steps!

The 'colourful ones' below are of course the girls from SNSD.

 photo IMG_2701_zps2c34ec30.jpg photo IMG_2707_zpsb3b2f53d.jpg photo IMG_2699_zpscc7928e4.jpg photo IMG_2727_zps4e1742aa.jpg photo IMG_2732_zps400569ef.jpg photo IMG_2729_zpsad8c400a.jpg

The Singapore fashion scene ain't that bad either. There were a few celebrities that walked the runway too such as Tay Ping Hui, Zoe Tay etc. Now Zoe Tay looked really brilliant that night, with her pixie haircut.

 photo IMG_2716_zpsc8fb195e.jpg photo IMG_2713_zps2e89e142.jpg photo IMG_2719_zps26c01051.jpg
 photo IMG_2720_zps2a9e7103.jpg
Now Just LOOK at her. I want that dress.

 I hope you enjoyed browsing through these photos. Sorry I don't have an outfit of the day for this event. Too excited and distracted that I even forgot to take an outfit shot after the concert.
Once again, thank you StyleXStyle for having me there!

( All photos are taken by yours truly )

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