Monday, 10 June 2013

Double L.

 photo IMG_2374_zps78e863fc.jpg photo Untitled-4copy_zps7ffd03ce.jpg
 photo IMG_2354_zpse590e632.jpg
The Scarletroom Laced dress / NastyGal studded moto crop jacket / Zara sunglasses / Gucci handbag / Zara sunglasses /  Topshop Lioness Blonde Wood wedges 

It's pretty simple to see when I don't put in much effort to dress up. I'd either wear a short dress with some chunky heels or boots or I'd be fully dressed in black. So here's for one of those lazy got-out-from-the-wrong-side-of-bed days. I've been feeling rather tired and uninspired these days which explains the lack of outfit posts. Hopefully this would just be a phase that'll eventually go away so this space would get updated more frequently!

My love for lace has been rekindled when I attended the Valentino press event which I was invited to a few weeks back. ( More on that soon ) I just love how lace just makes anything looks vintage or classy. Pairing two timeless pieces - lace and leather - can never go wrong.

Photos by Sylvia W.