Sunday, 26 May 2013

Two directions.

 photo IMG_2051_zps925a751e.jpg
 photo IMG_2053_zpsf492e273.jpg
 photo 5b9bc311-2af1-40c1-9d3a-887882b330a0_zpsfbfd8b7f.jpg photo IMG_2058_zpsa2eb1603.jpg
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 photo IMG_2070_zps095849ba.jpg
 photo IMG_2099_zps26b98e1a.jpg
F21 two piece dress & necklace & shades / Nastygal moto crop jacket / Topshop earcuff / Zara handbag / Jeffrey Campbell Soiree heels

 Yes, that's not two separate top and skirt I'm wearing but it's indeed a dress! It totally slipped off my mind to snap a picture of the back to show you guys the uniqueness of this amazing set of a dress. The top and bottom are simply attached by each other by a long zipper behind. So yes, I just mentioned a post ago that I was going to try making the stripes-going-on-different-directions style happen and there you go, I did it.

Finally met my babygirls, with Malaque who's back for good from Chicago!
Being with them and doing crazy things, it never gets old.

 photo IMG_2143_zps1a41543f.jpg
 photo 6b2c1b85-4788-4553-8d71-67abcdaa73c6_zps65d7c7e5.jpg
 photo IMG_2072_zps0e389ba5.jpg Malaque, doing what she does best, always trying to imitate me from the back while I'm posing for an outfit photo.
Wait a minute, look at how my glass heels sparkle! I was a champion that day. I actually survived in these heels from 6.30 am to 11 pm. Never been so proud of myself. Hee.

Photos by Nurjihan D. & Malaque M.


  1. I seriously don't get how your blog doesn't have more followers!! It's perfect :) I've been following you for a while.
    I love the black and white themed outfit!

  2. so wonderful!

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