Sunday, 19 May 2013

Stripe Mania.

 photo IMG_1796_zps7f6c2dcf.jpg photo 7aca3793-983a-4400-8570-e1e7933379d1_zps0a0f0ff7-1_zps22de146d.jpg photo IMG_1797_zpse9325ded.jpg photo 6707502a-6813-4664-83f6-7dd1808b804c_zps7412a000-1_zpse25bc318.jpg photo IMG_1809_zpsf8745038.jpg photo IMG_1801_zps1a904f77.jpg
Nastygal Parallel lines Dress ( worn as top ) / Mango jeans & belt / F21 contrast blazer / H&M fedora hat / Gifted round sunnies / Zara stripe wedges

Wow, it must have been pretty dusty around her if this space is physically real. Well, guess who's back! For good. Terribly sorry for breaking my promise ( see previous post ). Exams were overwhelming and I just felt exhausted every day with the lack of sleep and the constant anxiety weren't much of a help either. I truly miss blogging and this liberating feeling of being able to now without restrictions makes me happier than ever.

This was taken weeks back ad I finally have the time to post it up. My first minimal look with the sleek striped wedges which I'm still head over heels ( literally ) with. Stay tuned for more upcoming outfit posts. I already have another two pending to be published and I'm excited to share them with you.
In the mean time, enjoy your Sunday!

Photos by Eli S.

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