Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Polyvorednesday : Styling Stripes

 photo Untitleddafd_zps30837251.jpg
 Mother of Pearl Decoy Flowers Top
New Look Striped skirt
Round John Lennon Sunglasses
Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane
OPI Nail Lacquer in Red
  Cambridge Satchel in Croc Black

Here's another two ways you can work out with stripes without always looking like a jailbird or Beetlejuice. Strike off that boring label. Never thought a mix of stripes and flowers would look great together till I came across these two tops. Unique mixture I must say. When your top's a little OTT with alot of patterns going on up there, it's best when you neutralize it with the rest being black. It makes the top the highlight of your outfit. Another way would be mixing stripes that goes in two different directions for your top and your bottom ; one being vertical, while the other horizontal. I'm totally in love with that idea and I think I'm so gonna try that one day! 

That's the JC Coltrane that I've been wanting for a very long time and never got it up till now. Sucks how it's sold out everywhere. Never lust for a pair of cut-out boots so much till......

 I saw 'em in white. Pair of perfection, please be mine.

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  1. I need a daisy perfume nooow ♥

    & love the outfits you´ve created! :D