Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Polyvorednesday : The Boyfriend Jeans

Rayban Aviators

So here's how I'd style the boyfriend jeans for a dressed up day and a slack and chill one. If I've all the money in the world and could buy and own anything I want to, that is. That's the awesome thing about Polyvore, you can make an outfit that comes straight from your dreams. However, one thing for sure is, I'm glad I finally owned that gorgeous striped shoe from Zara that I've been wanting since the first time I set my eyes on it!! Also, I got to remind myself that I need to get a new decent pair of boyfriend jeans. The last time I wore mine ( here ), le Queen Mother disapproved it cause it's too tattered and torn. Haha.

Have been addicted to Polyvore and I certainly can't stop creating new outfit ideas during study breaks. Promise I'll update with many more outfit posts once the monstrous exams are over at mid-May! In the mean time, do expect some random fashion-related posts. This space won't go dead, I promise.

P.S Since formspring's closing soon, ask me questions over at instead.


  1. These Polyvore sets are gorgeous! I absolutely love the Marc by Marc Jacobs backpack. Lovely post, Masturah!

    xo, Meera |

  2. I love these sets Masturah- especially loving the second set!


  3. gorgeous looks! the first one is my favourite! xx

    The Provocative Couture