Monday, 10 December 2012

Grunge Geek.

Topshop Geek Shirt / YoungHungryFree Woves Skirt / The Editor's Market checkered studded shirt / F21 hairband / ASOS ribbed socks / Jeffrey Campbell Tardy Lo

I've never so much dressed up looking grunge. Probably it's because I really don't think that l'll suit that 'genre' of apparels due to the fact that I've been told several times that I can never achieve the fierce look and that I've a baby face. However, Jenn from Clothes Encounters ( myfavourite fashion Vlogger ) has totally inspired me too. Well, she has a feminine face too but could totally rock it fabulously. Therefore, I succumbed to this.

Totally loving the cute 'Geek' shirt I got at Topshop and one of my new pairs of Jeffrey Campbell shoes I scored during the Black Friday sales from Nastygal at an extremely crazy price which was originally 200+USD. Bravo to thyself for being patient.

Guess who's back snapping my outfit shots? He, who also got the 'Geek' shirt from Topman, which I think is cooler than mine. Stealing that cute shirt from him one day is definitely a must.


After which, he claimed that I'm getting heavier. It's okay, I still love you dear N. Geeky or not.
I still think he looks more Chinese than ever in those glasses.

Photos by Nazri S.


  1. Oh my goodness, LOVE your shoes!! You look awesome! xx

  2. Very cute outfit, thinking of getting this shirt too but just afraid new rip-offs from blogshops ><