Friday, 21 December 2012



Mango top / Topshop flare pants / Nasty Gal moto zip crop jacket / H&M hat / Jeffrey Campbell Audrey Spikes wedges / Forever 21 neckpiece and

Avada Kadavra,  I look like a full-fledged witch, don't I? Well, congratulations to you, for you survived 'Dooms Day' up till now! Of which I heard it got 'postponed' to 03 September 2015? Srsly? Meh, Don't believe any of that! 

Okay, enough digression. This is my outfit to TheScarletRoom's flea that day. I managed to grab a whole lot of stuff at such a fantastic deal! Totally love the interesting landscape they have in the building itself so my best friend decided to shoot my outfit post right there. I may not have shown you the true beauty of my new favourite leather jacket from Nasty Gal as the humidity level was on a roll on that day despite the drizzle but I'll definitely take another outfit shot with it.

In the mean time, are you guys aware of the recent revelation of Gossip Girl? Whether it's a yes or no, I'm gonna make a tribute on it in my upcoming post. Duh, you can say as if you totally don't see this coming from me, the Gossip Girl series fan. Heh. Wait for it and I'll see you here again soon. Ta-ta lovely ones and have a ball shopping and going broke for your beloved ones this year end!

Photos by Nurjihan D.

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