Friday, 31 August 2012

Le Noir.

Topshop Peplum top / The Scarlet Room sheer maxi skirt / Vintage satin garter belt / Mphosis weaved wedges / ASOS shades / H&M ear cuffs / Miss Selfridge bow bag / F21 & Mphosis rings

"Dress shabbily and they remember the dress, dress impeccably and they remember the woman."

- Coco Chanel

From left to right : H&M leather panel pants, Untitledlabel Wesley Top in black, Topshop cropped polo top, Topshop peplum top, ASOS APPLE Ankle boots
Some of my shopping loots recently.
It's starting to scare me how much I'm drawing deeper into black. It always happens when the Spring/Summer trend is getting more and more obsolete, now that the Fall/Winter trend is governing over the runways. Not that I follow 'em trends religiously, I tend to get dressed in more black ( knits and sweaters and layers ) when it's nearing the end of the year. Probably because it's monsoon season here and it gets a little colder than usual? I don't know.

Best thing about being in Singapore, you can switch trends as and when you like. If tomorrow's as sunny and the sky's as clear as sapphire blue, I'm wearing light and white! Speaking of black and white ( more to lucite ), I can't wait to have my own pair of JC Soiree, after months of anticipating online shops to restock ( of which they never have and undoubtedly will again ) because those heels, they're just too alluring to be oblivious to. I don't permit.

Photos by Nurjihan D.

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