Thursday, 14 June 2012

Cheap thrill.

Oatmeal knitted top from BKK / Mango Inner tank top / Lace shorts / Topshop oatmeal socks / Aldo boots / Diva necklace / Charles & Keith beige bag
My hair in this picture, is what I call fake loose curls ; outcome is purely by tying my hair into a bun for hours. I've been thinking of drastically changing my hair style. Don't expect the extreme when I say 'drastically' though, because that gem of idea of cutting my hair really short has been lingering on my constantly wavering mind for almost years, and that courage I've been seeking for was never found. Yet. Just recently, I've cut my fringe into bangs ( which you'll only see a picture of it in a post or two later ) and I'm thinking of doing something to the rest of my hair, just something different. Oh, by the way, my hair is still pure. Pure virgin. Never been dyed or highlighted or whatsoever. So...... we'll see about that.

Photo by Audrey J.C

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