Sunday, 20 May 2012

First and foremost.

Fully decked in hues of Orange and Pink apparels and heels from H & M.
Clutch, Dorothy Perkins.

Well, hello there! After years ( sounds long but only two actually ) of contemplation, I finally decided to re-enter the virtual fashion bandwagon. My previous one kinda died after 5 posts and wasn't made known to many people because I followed suit with my gut feeling ( which turns out to be true ) that it won't last long due to massive commitments of mainly school and other trivial yet crucial stuff that I had to attend to. Such irony is life. Not that I'm not a busy woman now, but my uni exams just ended and since now I'm as free as an eagle for the next few months, why not soar?

Just making this blog for the fun of it and sharing my burning passion for fashion that has been kept idle for quite some time. For now, I'll blast it all out.
That's all for now, I hope you'll enjoy this blog!

Photo by Nazri S.

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