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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Beyond Borders ( feat. Anastasiabyraine )

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Soon Lee knit Top / Uniqlo Pants / ASOS waistcoat / Superga sneakers / Daniel Wellington Watch /  Rebel in Making Leather Clutch ( in Olive Grey ) c/o AnastasiabyRaine

Photos by Yun Q.

Don't mean to be crude in my language but that's probably all the 'F's i give. Pardon our 90s boyband antics though. All it took was an overheated car and a mad long jam back to turn ourselves into a bunch of fearful grumps. 5 girls stuck on the side of the road right smack at the entrance of JB's checkpoint - we were SO close - while the world just watched us as they passed by. Well, a few helped us along the way and we were incredibly touched. All I know is I was a Cinderella that night who had to reach home at a certain timing ( like I always do ) because I have a curfew still - yes, at my age, because I'm brought up that way, don't judge - and my ( sweet like sugar ) friends were worried I couldn't reach home on time. They then suggested that I hitch a ride in some Johnny-on-the-spot's car until Singapore's gateway before I alight to take a cab home. In that way, I would reach home faster than waiting for some kind of a miracle to help us with the overheated car.

Somehow or rather, fate brought myself ( at random ) to seek help from this Caucasian couple who also happened to be... Russians. It was extremely heartening and a a kind of feeling dissimilar to love, how they would always make sure I felt comfortable in their car, talked about Miroslava Duma ( just because she's a Russian and my style idol ) and the best thing was they offered to drop me off somewhere near where i stay because they happened to live around the same area as well. God is great and I swear I could not feel more thankful. In the car too, I got to know that one of my friends teared when I was about to leave cause she felt relieved that my problem of having to reach home on time was solved and that I was finally, so to speak 'safe'. How incredibly sweet friends, I have. Amusingly, I felt like a burden. Not to worry, my friends and the car were rescued too shortly after I left, by a petrol truck that miraculously came out of the blue.

An adventure for our Jubilee weekend for you. Perhaps, a retribution for leaving the country during her birthday itself but we are not deserving of this adversity. *inserts melodramatic sounds*

Back to point of this blogpost :
1. I am obsessed with the colour grey
2. I love my new handy clutch that perfectly fits all my everyday junks that I lug every where.
3. AnastasiaByRaine is a new local label selling versatile leather clutches in minimalistic style so you have to take a look.
Click clickin'

I too, hope you appreciate the last collage I did and am experimenting for this space.
Stay tuned for more!